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The Code::Blocks Team
Code::Blocks is a free C, C++, and Fortran IDE that is fully configurable. Built around a plugin framework...
...around a plugin framework, Code::Blocks can be extended ...be added by installing/coding a plugin. Its...
Firefox Developer Edition
The Developer Edition of the famous Firefox web browser provides with the latest features, fast performance...
The Developer Edition of the famou ...fast performance, and the development tools you need to...
Code Composer Studio
Texas Instruments Incorporated.
It includes an optimizing C/C++ compiler, source code editor, project build environment, debugger...
Code Composer Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) that supports...
Action Replay DSi Code Manager
Datel Design & Development
Dependant on where you purchased your Action Replay DSi™ it may include a software disc containing the Code...
...a software disc containing the Code Manager PC software application...
Action Replay Code Manager
Datel Design & Development
Action Replay DS is a powerful cheat code system for Nintendo DS. This program, Action...
...is a powerful cheat code system for Nintendo DS ...program, Action Replay Code Manager, allows you to...
Devart Code Compare
Code Compare is a program for comparing and merging differing files and folders. It is quite useful for detecting...
...changes in program code. Native Visual studio ...application provides color-coding for added, deleted...
Wintermute Engine Development Kit
Dead:Code Software
Wintermute Engine Development Kit comprises several tools that offer support in designing and running "point...
...up, Wintermute Engine Development Kit is a complex ...of tools for developing adventure games using...
Meteor by Meteor Development Group
Meteor Development Group
Meteor gives you a radically simpler way to build realtime mobile and web apps, entirely in JavaScript from one code base...
...JavaScript from one code base. The same code runs from ...APIs. The same code runs cross browsers and...
Bible Code Oracle
Bible Code Oracle is a program for searching words and phrases in the Hebrew text of the Torah (Old...
...of Israeli mathematicians developed software for analyzing the ...have found amazing coded messages in...
HTML Code Library
OverZone Software
HTML Code Library is a source code library which has various code snippets for most popular...
...Code LIbrary is source code library which has various code ...Perl. The developers should have included...
ABI- Software Development
Free file encryption software, that uses a 128 Blowfish and 192 bit Triple DES algorithms.
This is a free file encryption software, that uses a 128 Blowfish and 192 bit Triple DES algorithms...
Prithvi Development Studio
Prithvi Development Team
Prithvi Development Studio is an open source Microsoft Windows based application development...
...for entire PIC development life-cycle (Develop – Build – ...information and code templates - Drag...
Interbase/Firebird Development Studio
SQLLY Development
InterBase/Firebird Development Studio is a unique development environment that includes a solution for every stage...
.../Firebird Development Studio is a unique development environment that ...by highlighting code errors in...
Code Snippet
It provides a single library of all the code you regularly use and can double up...
...you to develop applications using existing code. This reduces development time...
Code to FlowChart
AthTek Software
Code to FlowChart can automatically generate flowchart/NS chart from source code, and helps users to understand complex program...
...by visual diagrams. Code to FlowChart Converter ...reverses source code into high-quality...

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